Brush Clearing Services
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Got Overgrowth?
Does your property suffer from...
• Blackberry Bushes?
• Poison Oak?
• Manzanita?
• Small scrub trees?
• Tall, dry grasses?

You can reduce Fire Danger by clearing these ground fuels that also prevent you from using your property effectively. 
The Masticator
In early 2013, Trailscape Inc, acquired a Masticator, a Brush Eater! We attach this implement to the front of our Compact Loader (Bobcat) and then drive into a bank of brush. It can reduce a 10 foot wall of brush into 4" pieces. This not only helps us pre-cut brush for trails but helps with specific brush clearing jobs. We can use it on slopes up to about 40% grade.
Usable & Safe
Clearing your property on your own is time consuming and sometimes too dangerous. By allowing a professional like us to handle it for you - you get results you want FAST! 

• General Land Clearing
• Clearing Building Sites
• Weed & Grass Abatement
• Tree thinning
What will the end result look like?
The processed material from mastication brush clearing is larger and more shredded in appearance than that of a chipper. Pieces are approximately 4 inches long. 

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See the Before & After images below of how the brush is reduced to leave a usable, clear area.