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The Founder of Trailscape Inc is Randy Martin

My sporting interests have one primary thing in common, they are all about moving within a landscape. I ran cross country in college and have continued through my adult life. I have been a mountain bicyclist since the early 80’s and an avid snow skier and ski coach. What these sports have developed in me is a keen sense of how a trail should flow. A trail subtly guides a person’s eyes toward what I want them to see, A beautiful oak, a vista, unusual rock outcropping, it is like a tour of Creation.

Through these experiences, I also understand how to climb to a summit or down to a waterway in a way that delights the users so a trail that is manageable for the aged will also be fun for the mountain cyclist.
Trailscape Inc. has perfected the art of building a trail so it is affordable, sustainable and artful by combining skill with specialized trail building equipment and a "can do" motivation that turns what might take months into days.
 Testimonials & References
 "We had only been using about 5 of our 40 acres in McCloud, CA before we hired Trailscape to "open up" our property. After collaborating on a possible route for our trail system, I met Randy in person at our property on the day we had set to stake out the trails.

Bottom line - Randy was exceptionally easy to work with and didn't come across as having to be "right" all the time. He was willing to incorporate my recommendations and suggestions when they made sense but there were also times when he recommended against what I was suggesting based on his experience. It was a truly collaborative experience. 

The trail work was actually completed while we were away, giving us the luxury of experiencing the trails as a finished product our first time on them. Our reaction was: WOW!!!! We were amazed. Not only were the trails exactly what we were hoping for, the entire job was completed on time and within budget. I highly recommend Randy and Trailscape for your trails project."

 ~ Jeff P.
 "Thank you for the great job you did on our 3/4-mile trail at Sorensen's Resort in Hope Valley. As I mentioned, I started building that trail by hand 10 years ago, but with running a popular resort, I could never find the time to continue. We love the way you meandered the trail around the trees and especially like the fact that you were willing to take our suggestions. With some fabulous views and picnic spots along the way, it feels truly magical."
~ John & Patty Brissenden
Innkeepers at Sorensen's Resort
Sorensen's Trail
"We hired Trailscape this past summer to build 3 miles of multi-use trail. It turned out fantastic. Randy's GPS skills made it a breeze to communicate where we wanted the trail in relationship to other planned resort activity areas. Trailscape meandered the trail beautifully in and among the trees and found beautiful vistas. We loved the way the trail was artfully and sustainably designed & constructed to provide an interval workout on the way up while slowing the users down right before turns. It will be loved by hikers, runners and bicyclists as well as for summer training." 
~ Christopher Parker
Sugar Bowl
Lower Village Loop Trail
"I was able to ride Mother Lode at Tahoe Donner yesterday and marveled at the great flow. Thanks for making an awesome trail! Please pass my thanks/praise on to Sean Connelly, too. It's awesome to see great bike-positive singletrack getting built."
~ Will Aldrich
San Francisco & Tahoe Donner Guest
Mother Lode Trail
"We were interested in having a new trail built that would be accessible to all abilities while still being fun for more experienced riders; once again Randy and his crew did not disappoint. Working with Randy on trail design, layout and construction was thought-provoking, educational and just plain enjoyable. Randy and his crew were friendly and easy to work with. They took my concerns and ideas and ran with them to create a trail that is beautiful, fun and hugely popular. I would highly recommend Trailscape’s services and expertise to anyone looking for great customer service and quality workmanship."
~ Sean Connelly
Tahoe Donner Association
Mother Lode Trail
"I had the pleasure of working with Randy and his crew this summer re-routing a section of our trail off of an old fire road and onto a new, non-motorized, multi-use singletrack. From start to finish Randy was the consummate professional going above and beyond what I would consider excellent customer service and guidance. Thanks for all the hard work!"
~ Kevin Starr
Truckee Donner Land Trust
Donner Lake Rim Trail
"Randy has been really making a name for himself on the west coast for a while now. He is part of a relatively small number of trail builders that can ride his mountain bike as well as he can build trails, and his love for the sport of mountain biking is what makes him stand out from the crowd. I think we both share a lot in common in terms of our philosophy  about what makes a good mountain bike trail and Randy really has a handle on how to design and build exciting, fun trails with great flow and style. I think he would make a great addition to any team."
~ Ed Sutton
Owner, Trail Dynamics
North Carolina
"Sure was fun to get a small crowd out on the new trails. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The magnitude of this project blew some of the guys away. They thought there were going to be some new trails to ride but as they told me, they had no idea that the trails were going to be build so professionally. I guess they they weren't listening when I told them a year ago. I am truly at a loss for words to describe what you have done for our community and for the mountain bikers, hikers, etc. What and incredible job! Thank you so much."
~ Mike Morgan
"I wanted to take the time to express how incredible of a job you did on the new trails! I've raced mountain bikes for several years and was incredibly bored with what the area had to offer as far as challenging terrain. After riding some of the new trail network, I am renewed and excited about cycling again! (It is obvious you were very meticulous in mapping out every corner, every vista and mindful of the views as well - the banked corners were a real nice touch!) This is a trail network I can brag to my out of town friends about and it rivals anything that I previously had to driver hours away to ride! I found myself at the truck after a ride yesterday giddy with anticipation of my next ride up there. Awesome, great job!"
~ Stu Speer
"Randy designed and built 6 miles of hiking/biking trails on my property. We have 260 acres in the Sierra foothills, elevation range from 1650 to 2100 feet, so the design had to be creative to a) provide some length without becoming redundant, b) Take in various sights and landmarks. c) Be designed to account for drainage and maintenance. And d) not be overly strenuous at any point (I have young children).

Randy is an excellent trail designer and a really hard worker. His process is collaborative, so you need to be willing to get involved with the design. The work was done in a thoughtful, professional manner, and finished on schedule and on budget.
We would hire Trailscape to build a trail again! In fact, we did! Trailscape built the our trail in two segments, 2 miles in 2010, and 4 miles in 2011. And we still have another mile mapped out for future expansion.

Randy is an artist/craftsman, and I'm a pragmatist. In the design phase, Randy would see his trails as a work of art, and sometimes I saw them as a way to get from point A to point B. I was happy to work with him on the design -- actually walk the layout with him and give feedback. The trail we have now is excellent, and I feel a real sense of ownership, having helped with the design and done my own maintenance.

We now have a really nice 6+ mile loop that we ride/hike/run. It combines the trail and sections of fire road. There are a couple of sections (maybe a quarter-mile) of trail that really don't get used, now that we've established a favorite route. These sections have become overgrown with grass and have essentially disappeared.

To the maintenance point: If the trail, or sections of it, doesn't get regular use, it can become overgrown. Over the past year - plus, I've purchased equipment and developed a schedule of maintenance to keep our trail looking buff. You'll need to consider this when you lay out the trail.
Other than the aforementioned points, it's a simple "yes" to the questions of, "Do we love our trail?", "Did Randy do a great job?", "Would you hire him again?" 
~ Jeremy Wagner 
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